3 ways to prepare for your family photo session before the shoot

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

#1-Communicate with your photographer your wants, needs, and desires.

This seems simple and obvious but the truth is we are not always great at expressing our wants, needs, and desires. As a badass mom kickin butt you often put your wants, needs, and desires last but when hiring your photographer for your family photos you want to make sure you communicate everything. This also includes your fears or insecurities. The job of your photographer is not only to create amazing family photos but it’s also to provide you with a stellar experience. The best way to ensure that this happens is to be totally open and honest with yourself and your photog. So when your photographer asks you questions about what you need and want before you rush and say oh nothing take a moment to remember this family session is for you too. So dig a little dip and ask yourself "what does this experience mean to me and what do I need in order to feel calm, relaxed, and happy?"

#2- Plan your outfits in a way that mirror your family’s true style.

Ok, so you might be saying to yourself but...um...I want my family to look nice I am payin for this! Tru dat sista but hear me out. Your family photos should be a true, beautiful representation of who you are. Think of your favorite family photos growing up as a child. Chances are your favorite photos are not the photos where everybody is in their fanciest attire, stiffly posed, smiling at the camera. Your favorite photos are probably the photos that mirror what your life was actually like. Ripped jeans, crazy hair, terrible t-shirts...you get the idea. So how does this translate into your family session? Simple, when planning what-to-wear think about what your family likes to wear the most and upgrade the look. If your husband loves wearing jeans and a t-shirt let him wear it!

The trick is to go out and purchase a new pair of his fav jeans and plain tee that he can wear later. It’s the same with your kids. If your littles hate wearing button ups but love long sleeve-tees HELLO new long sleeve-tee my kid can wear for school in the Fall! You just accomplished two tasks in one swoop! You not only get to have a family that looks great but instead of purchasing clothes no one will wear again you have purchased something you know they already love and will wear AGAIN. I think that sounds like a total win!!! When think about colors and matching its best to stay away from being matchy matchy. You want to work with a specific color palette. Personally, I love neutrals because they are so versatile but everyone has their own personal flare. Check out my what-to-wear guide on Pinterest that can help give you some ideas on different color palettes and style options!

#3- Remember to relax and enjoy the ride!

Family photos are a way to preserve milestones, changes, and memories in your family. Family photos should are an extension of who you are not static moments posed with perfect smiles. This is why I stress to my families that they don’t have to worry about perfection. We often think that during our family session everyone must be perfectly behaved and on point but how far from the truth is that idea? We put so much pressure on ourselves to create a perfectly curated life to be documented but what our hearts really desire is truth and authenticity. It’s from those imperfect moments that beauty is easiest seen! So remember this you badass momma, your family is beautiful just the way it is meltdowns and all. If you arrive to your family session and it seems like chaos is amass remember that you’ve hired a photographer for a reason. We see the beauty in you and your family and we will capture that no matter what might be going on.

As always thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! If you are interested in scheduling a family session head on over to my website to check out my portfolio and/or prices. I am always up to something and would to share with you updates going on in my business. If you are interested subscribe to my email list and I will be in touch!

Sending you all the light & love!



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