Cancer sucks...and these photos tell a story

In 2016 the National Cancer Institute estimated that there would be "1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease."

Cancer SUCKS...yep you know it, I know it and when we take a look at those numbers well it just seems grim. I imagine you can name at least one person in your life with cancer. You might know someone who has died from cancer or maybe you have cancer...either way it's a tough road for anyone when faced with the news. My mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer around July 13, 2016, and the truth is I was devastated. I didn't know up from down. You see my relationship with my mother was....minimal and broken. Upon finding out she had stage IV lung cancer my mind went spinning and the past 26 years of crap was being crapped on even more with the worst kind of news. Not only did I have to face the reality that my mother was probably going to die, I had to figure out how I was going to mend our relationship in the time she had left....

On July 20 me, my brother, and my sister decided to make a surprise visit to see her in Indiana. While we were there I was able to take some family photos and these photos tell a story one of happiness and grief. Hindsight is always 20/20 and at the time I didn't really know how much I would treasure them.

You see I thought my mother still had time, 6 months minimum, but that wasn't the case. We left Indiana on July 25 and on August 12 she died in hospice. The photos I was able to take the Sunday before we left will remain one of my most cherished possessions. You see, that small window I had to "mend" our relationship wasn't enough time but when is time ever enough when we are talking about death. I look back on these photos from time to time and it's impossible to describe the feeling. Sometimes you get lucky and you capture the moments that speak louder than words.

Mother and daughters family portrait by Pittsburgh family photographer LeeAnn K Photography

Mother and son portrait by LeeAnn K Photography a local Pittsburgh photographer.

Black and white mother and daughter portrait by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh family portrait photographer.

Family portrait a grandmother and her grandchildren. LeeAnn k Photography a Pittsburgh photographer who specializes in family portraits.

Portrait by LeeAnn K Photography

In Memory of Kimberly Ann McMillan

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