"Unwrapping all the years of conformity to figure out who I really was in the world again"

I first met Brandy almost a year ago at a networking event. Me attempting to be bold and less of an introvert I started up a conversation with her about her business. The conversation quickly turned to me and my business. I told Brandy that I was a family photographer who photographed traditional family portraits but that wasn't what I really wanted to do and WHAM she hit me with the question "well then why are you doing that?" I was totally taken aback and will forever appreciate her following advice. She told me to stop putting myself in a box I didn't belong in....it was the advice I needed given, at the right moment, by a pretty awesome woman.

Brandy has been in business for herself for the past six years. Her business Fiery Fx is aimed at helping influential women ignite their business through online marketing. Her key piece of advice for other women entrepreneurs out there is "find a community of people that "get" you and can support you. Having coaches and programs are great, but really it has been a strong community of other business owners that has made the biggest difference in my success."

In addition to running her own business Brandy is also a mother of an adorable 5 year old boy.

I asked her to share some of the challenges she has faced being a mother and a business owner. "Trying to find the "harmony" between business and family. I haven't found that "balance" exists, but rather I try to harmonize my priorities. It's really a process because it means being uncomfortably honest with myself about myself. One of the other challenges I faced with my own business was "unwrapping" all the years of conformity to figure out who I really was in the world again. It wasn't until I realized that and started the process that I could really tap into my biggest competitive advantage - just being me!"

All too often we struggle with the comparison game. We fear that who we truly are isn't enough for the world so we bend and mold ourselves into categories we don't really fit. As women become mother's I think this bending and molding is even more pervasive. Especially for women in the workforce who are going against the traditional role women have always played.

Don Miguel Ruiz writes in his book The Four Agreements "we begin pretending what we are not, just to please others." Our greatest strength does not lie in conformity but rather it lies within our individuality. Brandy has found the courage to be “uncomfortably honest” with herself about herself and this honesty has propelled her through her business and life as a mother. So be you, love you, and face yourself with honesty! You are unique and this world has a place for YOU just the way you are!

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