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My Top 5 Business Resources for Beginners | LeeAnn Stromyer

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There are endless business tips for beginners but what I love more than business tips are resources. So I have drafted my top 5 resources for new businesses that predominantly use online marketing in their business.


Plann is an Instagram scheduling tool. Plann is amazing because it not only helps you plan your content but it has comprehensive data that allows you to see your follower growth, most engaging posts and you can even view similar accounts engagement rates. Though I mainly use that for research on how well my branded work for clients is doing. I wouldn't recommend using that feature if you are going to fall into the comparison rabbit hole.

You can use Plann on your phone and desktop though I prefer to do all my content scheduling via my desktop because that's where most of my work as a photographer is stored.

Plann allows you to organize your visual content and create a content strategy so that every post you are scheduling is aligned with your brand.

This is a screenshot of the content strategy that I created on Plann. I was able to customize my colors to match my branding which is an added bonus!
This is a screenshot of the content strategy that I created on Plann. I was able to customize my colors to match my branding which is an added bonus!

You can also create media collections by category and store potential future images. This is probably my favorite part because I hate having to find images on my computer. When I have a new session, I upload any photos I may want to use to a collection and save it for later. When I am ready to plan out my content for the month I simply go to the collections and find what works. IT IS THE BEST FOR BATCHING if that is your jam.

You can use the free version or purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. If you are just starting out starting the free version is the way to go BUT if you are ready to dive in I would recommend making the small investment. This was one of the very first subscriptions I purchased and it was a lifesaver knowing I could create a week's worth of posts in one day.

#2. Tailwind

Where my Pinterest peeps at? Pinterest is the third-largest social media platform being used by people of all ages all over the world. Depending on your business Pinterest may be an untapped gold mine. If that's the case then you will most definitely need a platform to help you with scheduling your pins.

Tailwind is another subscription I have been using since the start of my business without it, my Pinterest growth would not be where it is today.

screen shot of my pinterest account.

In January or February of 2018, I started pinning about 30 pins a day which is bananas. I had zero followers and my engagement rate was natta. Now in January of 2019, I am averaging 140k monthly viewers and I have 800+ followers.

That kind of growth is amazing and would not have been possible without a platform like Tailwind making scheduling easier and more manageable. Now, this does not automatically mean success in your Pinterest game, you need a strategy behind what you are pinning and how. This subscription is simply a way to better manage your content.

#3. Podcasts

Podcasts are free, easy to listen too on your way to work or while you clean and full of so much information that if you aren't yet listening to any you need to be!!!

The top podcasts that I listen to now are the Marie Forleo Podcast, Goal Digger, The Play it Brave Podcast, the Successful Mind Podcast, and Online Marketing Made Easy.

Each of these podcasts offers something wonderful and slightly different from the next. Not sure where to start? You can use my suggestions or talk with peers in your industry and get their recommendations!

#4. All things GOOGLE

Google has so many tools any business owner can use to stay organized and focused. They have plenty of integrations you can add to your emails if you don’t have a client management system yet.

Some of my favorite integrations are Boomerang and Boomerang allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time. You can set it up so that if you haven't yet heard back from your contact Boomerang will pop in your inbox and remind you to follow up. Which is FREAKING AMAZING!! Boomerang is free to schedule out up to 10 emails but you can ask for more or upgrade your account. I am currently using the free version. is a scheduling app that allows you to seamlessly include a way for clients to schedule a meeting time with you right in your email. As a free tool this is amazing if you are still building up your business and only need something from time to time.

I now use Calendly (not a google integration) to schedule for the various services I provide. There is a free version and a paid version. I am now using the paid version but I used the unpaid version for almost a year and it was great!

In addition to these integrations, all businesses need to have an idea on what's happening when it comes to their website traffic on Google. GoogleAnalytics, GoogleSearchConsole & Google My Business are all vital to any business either online or brick and motor as the future is now digital!!

#5. Grammarly

Who would have thought all you learned in school about writing would one day be so important? While writing online is less formal it's still important to understand basic grammar and spelling.

When I first started writing content I was nervous about making silly mistakes. I started using Grammarly to help me correct basic errors like commas and sometimes spelling when writing clients or drafting blog posts.

I use it all the time and I love not having to worry about whether or not I have the correct punctuation. Grammarly has a free version and a paid version. When I started writing more seriously I opted for the paid version. It's not a must though and you can definitely get by with the free version.

I hope you found my top 5 resources for beginners helpful if you want more resources - check out these blogs below!


Hi, I'm LeeAnn!

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I'm LeeAnn a Pittsburgh-based personal brand photographer helping womxn and queer-owned businesses create memorable brands with unique captivating photography.  

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