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3 Reasons Family Photos are Important

In an age where it seems everyone is a photographer with their phones these days you might be thinking to yourself why do I need professional family photos?

Family photos are more than just a photo they are a way to pass down information from one generation to the next. You’ve heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words…well it’s true. As technology is becoming increasingly relevant in our lives and our attention span is getting smaller and smaller the easy accessibility of images on our phones and in social media is both amazing and terrible. Less and less people are taking the time or money to get quality family photos and the few photos they do spend money on are the overpriced school pictures that only remind us of how awkward we were. You know what I am talking about. So why is it important to get family photos? Here are 3 reasons why family photos are important and why you should be investing in them.

#1 Memories

Family photos serve as a moment frozen in time. It is through these photos that we are able to recall the memories leading up to that moment and the moments after the photo was taken. Sometimes we are able to remember in vivid detail the warmth of a hug or the gentle kiss on our cheek. They serve our memory. A friend of mine recently said “I was so exhausted when we got our photos taken but I am so thankful for them now because when I look at them I see what I went through to have her.” Sometimes the thought of corralling the family to get photos seems to daunting but when we do it we are so thankful that we did.

Family portrait at Granada Park in Phoenix Arizona. Photo taken by LeeAnn K Photography

#2 Growth and Change- "The best thing about a photo is that it never changes even if the people in it do." -Andy Warhol

Our family photos serve as time capsules. They show us how we have grown and changed over time as a family and an individual. It’s a wonderful experience looking back on old family photos and being able to witness the change over the years. Often times we get caught up in “life” and we forgot how much we have accomplished and changed. Family photos serve as nuggets of light and love to the life you have created and lived!

5 year portrait of this cool kid with his childhood toy he has been taking a picture with his whole life. Family photography by LeeAnn K Photography.
Sweet portrait of this little guy playing in the grass at Granada Park in Phoenix, AZ. Family photographer by LeeAnn K Photography.

#3 Heirloom- Leave your children with your legacy.

Your family photos serve as an heirloom to be passed down to future generations. I once heard a quote that said in essence we die twice in our lives. The first death is out physical death and the second one is when the last person speaks our name. I believe 1000% that it is our duty to pass on the names and memories of our loved ones. I’ve spent many hours looking at old black and whites photos of my late relatives imagining their lives and who they were. It’s my way of honoring their lives. Your family photos serve as a part of your legacy.

Mommy and me photo taken at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix, AZ by LeeAnn K photography.

Mommy and me photos taken at Granada Park in Phoenix, AZ. Family portraits taken by LeeAnn at LeeAnn K photography.