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3 Tips for Natural-Looking Family Photos | LeeAnn K Photography

Family portrait outdoors in Bridgeville, Pa by LeeAnn K Photography
At-home family session with a family of three in Bridgeville, Pa

This family of 3 loves laughing, tickle fits and racing one another. We started in the house as unusual spending some time getting cozy in-home photos, fur babies included before we moved outside for full-blown fun.

Portrait of a family pet by LeeAnn Stromyer

Family photo of a mom and son in their Bridgeville home by LeeAnn K Photography.

Relaxing and having fun during a family session used to be unheard of but gone are those days where a family has to sit correctly in front of the camera with plastered smiles. Despite knowing we don't want those cheesy photos inevitably the moment we see the camera, we paste the smile on and we are ready!

Candid portrait of a son looking at his mom by LeeAnn K Photography

Portrait of a boy looking out his window while laying on his stomach on the top bed of his bunk bed by LeeAnn K Photography

Portrait of a five year old at his desk  looking out his bedroom window by LeeAnn K Photography

I get it; I do the same thing when I see the camera so I have come up with three tips you can use to prep yourself for a fun, relaxed family session.

Tip #1 You don't have to look at the camera unless I tell you!

The moment the camera comes up, we tend to think we need to look at the camera and smile.

Candid family photography is about being in the moment with your family. When you need to look at the camera, the photographer will tell you. So when you get ready for your session remember you don't have to look unless I tell you!