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Family Photos with Newborn - Pittsburgh, PA

In-homeFamily Photos with Newborn and dog in Pittsburgh, pa by LeeAnn K Photography

I connected with Jenn before she had her son, and we discussed what she wanted for her in-home newborn session. We both quickly realized that what she really wanted was newborn photos with Grayson where they were interacting as a family. So we planned her in-home family session a few months out to capture those sweet smiles, snuggly moments, and curious eyes.

Her in-home session included professional hair and makeup, which she said was an absolute treat because as a new mom, she barely had time to take care of herself. This in-home session gave her some time to relax, feel pampered while also preserving this particular time in their lives.

Jenn is an inspiring woman and her journey into motherhood was one that did not come easy. Read her interview below and soak up how beautifully in-love this mama is with her new son and see how she is using her personal struggles to write her very first book Power Up, Super Women.

Family Photos with Newborn - Pittsburgh, PA

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

ALL OF IT! The look of love from his little eyes. No matter what I am going through, holding him makes everything worthwhile - and I hope the same for him.

Family Photos with Newborn LeeAnn K Photography

20 years now what do you hope you'll remember? What do you want your children to remember?

I hope we all remember how important family is, and good times spent together, and that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and to do what you love.

Family Photos with Newborn Pittsburgh PA - LeeAnn K Photography

What are some challenges you've faced as a mom, how did you work through them?

Becoming a mom was probably my biggest hurdle! It took 3 years and 2 miscarriages. I will never forget losing our first pregnancy. I sat at home on our couch waiting for my husband to get home, praying he did not call me to ask how my checkup went, because I knew I couldn't tell him over the phone. The second he opened the door I lost it. Between sobbing tears, I managed to get out "I am so sorry, we lost the baby". That was the first time I saw my husband cry.

Since finally being blessed, the hardest thing is just learning to balance it all and be willing to accept when I slack elsewhere because I can't keep everything going at once.

Beautiful Family Photos with Newborn Pittsburgh PA - LeeAnn K Photography

If you knew then what you know now what advice would you give yourself about being a mother?

Well, I am still pretty new :) But I am learning to love the new me - a littl