A Family Art Photography Session & Interview with Molly Knorr of Jack + Bean - Pittsburgh, PA

A Family Art Photography Session & Interview - Molly Knorr of Jack + Bean

When mompreneur Molly Knorr first became a mother to her daughter in 2014, she was the owner of a wedding and event stationery business named after two beloved pets called Jack + Bean. Upon a second pregnancy to her son in 2016, she says it was clear she wasn’t going to be able to keep up with her business. However, her interests didn’t halt.

Molly pivoted and began blogging and styling for other companies. Fast forward and Molly is currently at the helm of a new Jack + Bean, a chic lifestyle blog with a colorful, comfortable, and friendly vibe. Jack + Bean is bursting with inspiration and realness on topics like motherhood, family, and fitness.

“At this time, my blog exists to share MORE,” she says. “I want anyone to be able to stop by (mother or not), to check out what I'm currently into, find an easy recipe, a quick workout (I also teach Pure Barre!), and what I'm dreaming up in terms of decorating my home.”

Molly balances her number one job of being a mom with her blog, teaching Pure Barre at Pure Barre Mt. Lebanon, and working from home as a children’s stylist for Mac & Mia.

“The beauty of this (stylist) role is that I get to work whenever it works for me,” she says. “I love that I can virtually pack boxes while my kids are eating lunch. The toughest thing is that I’m generally on-call all the time both as a mother and in my virtual role.”

Boss-mom Molly is persevering and has big goals for 2019. So how does she handle it all? Her advice for other aspiring boss moms is to find an organization system that works for them.

“To-do lists and calendars change the world,” she says. “My husband and I rely on an over-sized Rifle Paper Co. calendar and we need it to keep our lives together and mostly organized!”

Keep up with Molly and her beautiful family by connecting on Instagram @mollyknorr.

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