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At-Home Family Session with a Toddler & Baby | Family Photography Irwin, Pa

At-Home Family Photography | Irwin Pa

Sometimes the perfect moments come from the quick turn and click. I'm always delighted when I see that quiet moment and have the chance to capture it. There's something so genuine about those moments.

at-home family session portrait with a dad, toddler, and dog taken in Irwin, pa by LeeAnn Stromyer
In-Home Family Session with Toddler

As a photographer and a daughter, I know the importance in preserving these subtle off the cuff moments.

On the day of the Shanty's family session, it was bright, sunny, and a little muggy outside. We spent most of the session in their home, moving from room to room. We even took a break so Matt could give Nolan a quick snack. When hunger strikes, you have to abide. This gave me a perfect chance to capture one of those subtle moments that one day will mean so much for them as a family.

Nolan getting a snack, toddler portrait by LeeAnn Stromyer in Irwin, PA
Nolan getting a snack from his dad will the pup waits patiently for a nibble.

When I work with family's in their home, I always stick to the rooms with the brightest light. For the Shanty's this meant we spent most of our time in the toy room and guest bedroom. We ended the session outside on their stoop for a group family photo perfect for that holiday Christmas card. Check out more images from the family session below.

Family photo outside of home in Iwrin, pa by LeeAnn K Photography

In-home family photo with mom, dad, and baby by LeeAnn K Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

Lifestyle portrait of a baby and his mom by LeeAnn K Photograhy

Black and white portrait of a mom and her baby in their home by Pittsburgh photographer LeeAnn Stromyer