At-Home Family Session with Twin Teens | Canonsburg, PA

Family Session with Twin Teens in Canonsburg, Pa

Family Portrait Canonsburg, Pa by LeeAnn Stromyer

A common misconception about in-home family sessions is that they have to take place exclusively in the home. In-home family sessions are more like at-home family sessions. For Steph's session, we spent most of our time shooting outside in the neighborhood and yard.

Steph's session was a Christmas gift from her step-daughter Amanda. It was the perfect gift for a mom who hadn't had pictures taken in years with twin daughters in their teens. After months of trying to plan the right date, we settled on a Summer session scheduled for the beginning of July.

When photographing my families, I always want to capture how they interact and show love with one another. I want to get on camera that mushy gushy love, laughter and sometimes awkwardness.

Photographing teens can sometimes be tricky. We were all teens once, and we remember how awkward those years were. They're navigating hormones, personal independence, and social norms. Loving up on your parents, showing interest, and hanging with your siblings is far from "cool."

Knowing these were the first photos Steph had taken with her daughters in years, it was even more critical to capture this time in their lives. We started the session at the end of the road in their neighborhood near beautiful snowball viburnum bushes.

Stephanie and her twin teen daughters in Canonsburg, PA

I had them walk, laugh, and make jokes with one another. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't but what matters is we got the moments. Once children hit school age, most families stop getting family pictures. Life picks up and before you know it they're in high-school. Taking the time to get some family photos done while your kids are in high school is just as important as when they are little. Soon those teen kids will be moving out, discovering and growing into their adult selves for better or worse.

I know when Steph and her daughters' look back on their portraits, they will remember this time in their lives.

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