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7 Portraits of Strength in Motherhood | Progressive Parenting Photography

In collaboration with grlpwrpgh I set out to photograph nine women that represent the gamut of motherhood and, more broadly, progressive parenting. We sought to show every woman as the queen she is - powerful, brave, and beautiful in her motherhood journey .

Check out these 7 portraits of strength in motherhood and progressive parenting.

1. A Wonderous Mix of Beauty & Chaos

Editorial portrait of Amanda Cowen and her daughter at Hip at the Flashlight Factory by LeeAnn K Photography

Amanda #badassbossbabe is the mastermind behind the rapidly growing female empowerment network called grlpwrpgh. This isn’t her only hustle, she is also the founder of A. Faye PR a boutique PR agency. Some might call her a micro-influencer when it comes to her personal Instagram @amandafayecowen.

Amanda describes motherhood as a “wonderous mix between of beauty and chaos.”

In Amanda's words:

“It’s fresh post-bath smells, rubbing their back until they doze off in your arms, always insisting on being in a princess gown, watching them do their first somersault, seeing the sparkle in their eyes as you walk into Target (or, is that just my kid?), the constant I love yous.

"It’s hair pulling, three days without showering, PB&J for dinner (AGAIN), poop on the walls, stepping on legos, wine by 4pm, and ‘mom, mum, mummy’ on repeat, and their first NO (does that ever end).

"It’s knowing you’re their person. And it’s knowing that they are yours. It’s a magical world of equal amounts of beauty, and equal amounts of chaos. It’s an adventure I truly never thought I’d take, yet it’s my best adventure yet.”

You can connect with Amanda @grlpwrpgh, @grlpwrprojects, on Facebook, or on her website

2. There's nothing more powerful than a mom who knows her worth

Editorial motherhood shoot, photo of mother and her daughter by LeeAnn K Photography

Ta’lor a #selfcoach is the founder of Ladyhood Journey. In addition to being a certified self-love coach (so cool!), she's also a body positive model and an inspirational speaker. Ta’lor’s passion for inspiring and motivating other women to live in their truth fuels her life.

She describes herself as a passionate, fun, loving, and open mother who encourages her daughter to be an independent individual.

In Ta’lor's words:

“From an unmarried mom in a toxic relationship to a mom who made a choice to be a single mother, I'm happier than I have been in years I am choosing myself choosing my daughter and definitely loving my time with my sweet little.

"There's nothing more powerful than a mom who knows her worth because she automatically transfers that to her child... I'm definitely living in my truth completely unashamed and unapologetic.”