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Motherhood Portraits - Pittsburgh, PA Entrepreneur Maya Henry

"EVERYTHING is easier when you are happier"

Maya Henry is a real-life #badass mom! Maya is the mother of two young boys and the owner of Maya Henry, a meal prep, coaching business. Maya started her business in 2014 where she focused solely on helping her clients manage meal prepping. After working with many clients she began to see a bigger need with her clients. Meal prepping was one facet in creating a better, happier life.

Through her work, Maya helps women live in alignment with their truest selves. Through this alignment, her clients live with intention and purpose, and this makes them feel happy and empowered. In addition to coaching, Maya has also started skateboarding retreats for women in Pittsburgh.

Portrait of a woman in her home, Pittsburgh Pa by LeeAnn K Photography

Maya Henry Motherhood Portraits Pittsburgh, PA

How do you find balance between running your own business and being a mom?

I am very intentional with everything I do, especially with how I spend my time and resources daily. I also do a fair amount of planning with regard to schedule and meals and even though people are surprised to hear I am not the most organized person, I do this because I know that decision fatigue is a real thing and the more decisions I make in advance, the more time and energy I have to devote on a daily basis to do things that make me happy.

My biggest challenge...

It's very difficult to step out of a "moment" particularly a difficult one like a big tantrum and remember that it will end, that the moment will be over, and so it's possible to respond with as much kindness and patience as possible because it is just for a little while. I wish as mothers, we shared more of our challenges, and that we were taught to focus more on what is truly important to us instead of more superficial things. We are taught to strive to be these fictitious perfect moms but even just striving for that comes at an expense."

In-home family photo by LeeAnn K Photography, Pittsburgh Pa

Advice to self and other mamas...

"I would let myself know that I don't need to try so hard to control everything and make it "right." Some things will just happen. Also, that I will always, ALWAYS be a better mother if I nurture myself and take care of myself first and foremost, even just in the littlest ways if that is all that seems possible at the moment. EVERYTHING is easier when you are happier, more patient with yourself and able to give yourself A LOT of grace to not try so hard."

In-home family photo by LeeAnn K Photography, Pittsburgh Pa

In 20 years I hope to remember...

I did the hard things to be the best role model for my children and inspire them to be good humans. I hope I'll remember that aligning with my values was a conscious choice, and the effort I put into living intentionally was worth it. I want my children to remember that they were unconditionally loved."

In-home family photo by LeeAnn K Photography, Pittsburgh Pa