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8 Tips for Preparing your Family for a Gorgeous In-Home Photo Session

Pittsburgh Family Photographer, In-Home Family Photos

There are so many reasons why I love doing In-Home Family Photo Sessions. What's an in-home family photo session, you say? Basically having a photographer (like me) take pictures of you and your family in your home.

In-home sessions are about creating lasting memories of how you actually spend time with each other. There's nothing more precious than that!

I often get the question: "what's the best way to prepare for an in-home family session? Here are tips I share with my clients:

8 Tips For Gorgeous Photos with an In-Home Family Photo Sessions

1. Open up the windows

Having images by large windows makes for beautiful images
Opening the windows or rolling up the shades will help us find the best lighting

The very first thing I do when I do an in-home family photo session is to check where the best light is coming from. Window lighting is key and it's easier to spot when shades are up, or the curtains are open.

2. Tidy up before your photos session

In home Photo session tip #2 is to tidy up your home before the photographer comes
Tidying up before your photo session will help save time

Make sure there are no toy piles or laundry piles hanging out on the day of the session, and that couches and beds are object-free. Of course, during my clients' in-home family session if I see anything that needs to be moved, I will move it, so my clients don't have to worry about that.

3. Have your kids pick out the toys they want

While it's good to have uncluttered spaces your home needs to look like your home! So don't stress out too much about making it look perfect. Including natural play and toys look great in your family photos! Let the kids pick out pull our their favorite toys during your session allows for natural moments to unfold.

4. Have everyone wear comfortable clothing

In-home family session in Pittsburgh PA with LeeAnn K Photography
Wear something comfortable, and beautiful, to your in-home session

Comfortable clothing means comfortable and natural posing. The sweet spot is choosing clothing that each family member loves, that they feel like they look great in and that they also feel comfortable in.

5. Match outfits to your home decor (and each other)