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What is personal brand photography? Photographer LeeAnn Stromeyer answers this and other questions that will help you book a great personal photography session

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to establish a clear and consistent brand then you'll want to learn more about personal brand photography!

What is personal brand photography?

Personal brand photography is branding photography made personal.

Personal branding photography help business owners tell capture the heart and soul of their business.

Simply put personal branding photography is lifestyle branding photography on steroids. Personal branding photography gets into the nitty-gritty of what makes your business unique.

View a full personal brand gallery here!

Why is personal brand photography important for a business?

Personal brand photography can help you highlight what makes you different as an entrepreneur. This has three major benefits:

  • personal brand photography will highlight your unique selling points

  • it gives you a consistent brand image and story allowing you to build the know, like & trust factor with your community

  • By highlighting your strengths and conveying a strong value proposition, personal brand photography shows how you stand out from the competition.

Who uses personal brand photography?

Anyone with a business or offer can and often does use personal brand photography in their day-to-day content to create a consistent brand identity.

Personal brand photography is right for you if you meet any of these criteria.

  • You own a business or want to start a business (ie blog, influencer, coach, speaker, etc)

  • You want to connect with people in an authentic way that is true to you

  • You are creating content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blog, and Website

  • You want to share with people more than just your service or product - you want to connect & engage

If you identified with any of those criteria then personal branding photography is right for you.

Personal branding sessions are customized and designed to meet each brands unique needs which is why it's unlike any other branding out there!

What is a commercial usage license?​

A commercial use license means that you have the right to use the content in any way you need. This is important for entrepreneurs and business owners who use images for marketing purposes. 

Great personal brand photography can help you tell a consistent brand story to your audience, and help you stand out from the competition

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Frequently asked questions about working with Personal Brand Photographer - LeeAnn Stromyer

Where are you located and do you travel to other cities?

I am based in Pittsburgh, PA and I offer personal brand photography in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. I do travel for personal brand sessions. Travel rates vary based on location.

How long do personal brand photography sessions last?

A personal brand session can last anywhere from 2 - 8 hrs depending on your package.

Personal brand shoots include traveling to multiple locations, outfit changes, people and sometimes props. In order to create an seamless experience time is a key. Shorter shoots for personal branding will limit the variety in content we will be able to create.

What do you mean by personal brand photography sessions and what are stories?

A session is a time we schedule for your shoot. A session can last 4-8 hrs in a day depending on which package you have booked. 

Stories are the "themes" we photograph during your session.

Ex. You are a designer who creates clothing with sustainable resources. Who values shopping at local businesses and spending time with your family. The stories in your session could be- you creating the designs & sourcing the materials from sustainable resources, you shopping locally at your favorite shops, and you spending quality time with your family at home.

Each package includes a different number of stories, you have the freedom to pick what fits your needs most.

Will we travel to different locations for different stories?

If we need to travel to different locations to accurately capture a story we will do that. Travel time is built into session time. Prior to your session, we will have a discovery planning session where we will discuss all the details. 

What's the turn around time for my personal brand photos?

For my personal brand photography clients, I offer image selection within 24-hrs of the shoot. This means that once the shoot is over I cull your images and send you unedited proofs by the following day.

You pick the final images you want me to edit. Once you make your final selection the turn around time for your images is 48-hrs.

What if I don't want you to share my personal brand photos?

I respect my client's needs and many high-end clients need privacy and full rights to their images. If you express that you would like exclusive rights to your images there is an additional fee that will be added to your session fee, paid in advance.

Are payment plans available for a personal brand photography session? 

Absolutely, if you decide you are ready to jump in but would like to break the cost up a little bit I offer 2 different payment plans. 

Option 1 - Monthly 

Option 2 - Quarterly

With each option, a deposit is required. The deposit is the price of the first session (see package pricing here for an example)

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