How to Find Your Personal Brand?

Tips on Finding Your Personal Brand

How to find your personal brand by LeeAnn Stromyer.

Have your friends and family describe you in 3-5 words.

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Asking those closest to you to describe you in 3-5 words will give you a start on figuring out core characteristics you will focus on in your brand. These character traits will be the backbone of your core values and brand messaging.

Having a personal brand is about being true and authentic to who you are. When you are first starting out it can be hard to know how people see you. How often do we ask those around us to describe us in 3-5 words? Getting their feedback will show you what your brand already is - you get to take that insight and decide how to expand on it as you develop your personal brand.

Identify your core values in your life.

The core values you hold in life can and should be shared in your personal brand. Your core values shape the way you live your life and do business. They should be apparent and a part of your brand message.

Core values and characteristics are similar but different. Core values are things you hold true and live by. Over time these may grow or change as you become more aligned with your higher self but knowing where you are now is key!

Identify what parts of your personal life that are fun, silly and unique to you.

Having commonalities with people creates connections and trust. What parts of your life can you share to build that connection with your ideal customer?

Do you have children, do you have a secret love for trashy tv, do you love spending time in nature?

The ways in which you can connect with your ideal customer are endless. Find 5-10 things you feel comfortable sharing and make it a part of your brand by talking about it and showing it!

What struggles or challenges have you overcome that you can share with others as inspiration?

What are the challenges or struggles you have overcome that your ICA might also be experiencing or has experienced? What did you learn that you can share to help them in their journey?

Any time you share your own trials and tribulations remember that you need to have a purpose for sharing. Is it to be motivational, inspiring, encouraging - there is a difference between sharing to help others and sharing to complain. DO NOT COMPLAIN!

Put it All Together

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Now that you've thought through all of those and you've drafted up a page or two outlining your personal brand it's time to put it all together.

Building a personal brand is not about becoming or being something you are not. It's about tapping into your own magic & uniqueness, taking ownership of it and then sharing it with the world.

You've done the hard work of figuring it out now it's time to figure out how and where you plan to share it!

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