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How to pick a photographer that's right for you!

Finding the right photographer can be as tricky as corralling your family together for the session itself, but your family photos are worth it in the end!

So how do you go about finding the right photographer?

Behind the scenes photo of LeeAnn K Photography, portrait photography.

There is a photographer for everyone, this blog will help you figure what type of photographer you need & where to look for them.

Step 1: Decide what type of images you like best and why?

Are you the momma who:

loves photos with everyone looking at the camera smiling in a nice pose


loves the photos with everyone laughing and interacting

The best way to figure out what you are drawn to check out Pinterest and Instagram. Pin and save about 20- 25 images that speak to you.

After you have saved some of your favorite images look to see similarities. Jot down those down and note the setting of the photos.

Step 2: Understand the different genres of photography.

When you know the different genres of photography it's much easier to find the right photographer!

There are three popular genres to know about (these are not the only genres that exist but to keep things simple, these are the genres we are going to focus on)

Traditional family portraits are taken in a studio or outdoors. Families typically wear matching outfits or color-coordinated outfits. 90% of the photos will have the family posed, smiling at the camera.

Many families use these types of photos as a Christmas card photo.

Outdoor family portrait of three in Phoenix, AZ by LeeAnn K Photography

Outdoor family portrait of seven by LeeAnn K Photography, Pittsburgh family photographer.

Lifestyle family portraits are photos taken in the home or outdoors. In lifestyle photography, the photographer focuses on creating natural looking moments while lightly posing the family in comfortable positions that are natural to the family.

In-home family portrait of a family of 3 by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh family photographer.

In-home family portrait of a mom and daughter by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh family photographer.

Most of the images will be of the family laughing and interacting with one another (not always looking at the camera.)

The photographer captures these moments by giving the family prompts that encourage interaction.

The lifestyle genre is the type of photography most people want when they say they want "candid" family photos.

Documentary family photography is precisely as it sounds. A photographer will come into your home or follow your family for the day and document your life.

In-home family portrait of a mom & her boys by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh family photographer.

In-home family portrait of a mom and her son by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh family photographer.

Documentary family photographers will not pose your family, and they do not alter the environment in any way.

Now what you need to do is look back over the images you have saved and ask yourself which genre the photos you love fit into?

Write it down, next to your other notes.

Step 3 Understand your price point.

Picture of a wallet.

It's easy to to get confused when looking at photographer prices. Many people just don't understand why one photographer charges $100, and another costs $1,000.

Pricing is unique to every photographer, but there are key differences to think about when you are deciding what you want to spend.

Do you want to hire a professional or an amateur?

A professional photographer is a person who is in business full-time as a photographer. This means they pay taxes, run their business, and pay themselves, as well as employees.

A professional photographer will charge higher prices, but they also offer a better product and service. You can expect to pay $500- $3,500 for a professional photographer.

An amateur photographer is someone who does photography on the side and/or is just starting.

They do not run a business full-time, so they charge less and the final results in their work vary. Amateur photographers typically charge MUCH less for their services.

There is a photographer that fits any price point. The key is to remember that you get what you pay for.

If you value quality and service, then a professional photographer is the way to go. If you appreciate affordable and quick, then an amateur photographer is right for you.

Write down the price range you are comfortable with spending on a photographer. When thinking about your budget think about how much you spend on a cup of coffee or a pair of jeans. - If a photographer charges $500 for a session and they give you 20 digital files + some prints you are paying $25 per image.

$25 for a photograph that will never lose value, it will only grow in value as time passes. Most of us spend more on a pair of jeans we throw out or donate after a year.

Magnifying glass on a newspaper.

Step 4 Finding the Photographer

Now that you have an idea on the style, genre, and price you need to get to searching.

For traditional family portraits use Google, Yelp, and Instagram to search for a photographer in your area.

Search words like: 'outdoor family portraits' or 'studio family portraits.'

For lifestyle family portraits use Google, Instagram, and Pinterest to find the right photographer for you.

Search words like: 'in-home family sessions' 'lifestyle family photos' candid family photos.'

For documentary family photographers use Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Search words like: 'documentary family photography' ' a day in the life.'

I hope you found this blog post useful. If there's anything you think I should add or a question I didn't ask, leave me a comment below & I will help you find an answer!

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