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How to Plan What to Wear for Your Family Session | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

What to Wear for Your Family Session

#1. Consider the season and whether you want to fit it or not?

Season colors = seasonal pictures, do you want your family photos to be up all year with a timeless feel to them or would you like to be reminded of that specific season in your life?

Family photo with toddler in Pittsburgh, Pa by LeeAnn K Photography.
A great fall color scheme can include colors like mustard yellow, maroon and gray.

Christmas family photo at Nutbrown's tree farm in Pittsburgh, Pa
Casual but nicely curated. Their outfits are perfect for the cold weather.

For timeless family, photos stick with neutrals. They look great on almost everyone and are easy to coordinate.

#2. Pick a color palette, not a color.

If you want to work with colors find a color palette. Stay away from picking one colored top that everyone will wear. It makes the photo less dynamic and is dated!

Pinterest is full of awesome color palette ideas but as a rule, mom gets to pick her outfit first and then pick the rest of the family’s outfits. If you are a visual person like myself and need to see what I am talking about when I say color palette check out my What-to-Wear Pinterest board!

#3. Figure out what style works best for your family.