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Life Coach Gillianne DeFoe Shares Her Inspiration Behind Her Business The Time MD

My work as a personal brand photographer allows me to meet and work with amazing womxn making the world a better place with their passion. It's genuinely one of the best parts of my job.

Not to mention the collaborative spirit that comes from envisioning, planning, and creating an epic brand shoot lights my soul on fire.

I could never have imagined that I'd be able to bring together my love for education, my obnoxious organizational skills, and my passion for photography into an offer that serves bomb-ass womxn.

Every womxn has a unique story that has brought her to a place in her life where she decided it was time to make her dreams a reality. Deciding to create a life that you love, whether pursuing a career or building a business, takes guts.

That's why I celebrate every womxn's courage by sharing her story. Today I want you to meet Gillianne, a life coach helping physicians manage their time so they can feel more in control of their lives.

What is the name of your business or blog?

The Time MD

Lifestyle portrait of life coach Gillianne Defoe from a personal branding shoot by LeeAnn Stromyer a Pittsburgh based brand photographer.
Life Coach Gillianne Personal Branding Photography, Pittsburgh Pa

What motivated you to start your business?

The need to explore what else I am made of. I loved my work as a clinician, but I was searching for something more. I knew that there was more to me. I just did not know what it was.....I discovered coaching after working with a coach myself after I felt I was at a crossroads.

What impact for good do you hope your business has on the world?

I am a life coach and I help women physicians manage their time so that they can be more in control of their lives. I think more than ever we realize as a society that we need doctors inclusive of female doctors.

Yet, many of us docs are simply burnt out by the demands of medicine, leaving us no time for self-care-sleep, exercise, no time for taking care of our family the way we tell our patients to take care of theirs.

We ( docs) live a life of hypocrisy because of this, which creates moral injury. I have created a program exclusive to physicians with skills and tools that they can use to take back the reins in their lives and create time so that they never have to feel that they are sacrificing their well-being.

Still life photo for a personal brand photography session by LeeAnn Stromyer.

What tools, systems, or processes are must-haves for any entrepreneur looking to save time and be efficient?

Haha.. perfect question for a time management coach.

I try to automate everything I can in my business to leave me time to work with my clients one to one so my calendar is my best friend. I have an automatic scheduler so clients can book appointments based on their availability.

I also use a tool called Trello for the management of my projects; that way I can assign my assistant to do's as needed. Who doesn't love ZOOM?! I conduct all my meetings with clients virtually using this teleconferencing app.

Life coach personal brand photography at Mellon Garden by LeeAnn Stromyer in Pittsburgh Pa.

The most important thing for me is the management of my mind to help me overcome limiting beliefs about myself and my ability; your brain is your most essential tool so to keep focused and take deliberate action on my goals I self-coach daily.

Self-coaching is a skill that I teach my clients as well so that once they are done with my program, they continue to do the work on themselves and reap lifetime benefits.

What's been the biggest challenge for you as a business owner?

This can be anything and does not have to relate to your business directly - something like overcoming limiting beliefs, time management, or finding the right people to help you.

Tech, I feel like I have aged out of IG and TIK TOK, but I also know that to have a successful online business, you need to keep up with the times and have on online presence that's been the most challenging part is putting my self out there for everyone to see and judge.

I still struggle with it sometimes, which is human, but the only person judging me is me.

What advice do you have for women either in business or wanting to start their own business?

Just start; your inner voice will give you many objections and make you feel confused, which is just keeping you stuck. That inner voice is a lie, its job is to protect you from any perceived harm ( failure, shame, humiliation) if the business does not work, but you end up failing ahead of time right because you never start or you start and then stop?

So my advice is to simply start and keep moving...because shame, failure, humiliation are just emotions( vibrations in the body) and emotions are harmless.

Anything else you want to share with me about your mission and business?

My mission is to help other women physicians live life on their terms by managing the one thing that they have full control of ...their time. They may not think that they have any control over their time, but they really do.

I started my business as a time coach because that was my crutch...I never felt that I had enough time EVER.. that I was a victim of my circumstance( busy doctor, mom of 2.....) but in actuality, I was really a prisoner of how I was thinking about my circumstance.

That realization that how I felt about circumstance was because of the way I was thinking about it was liberating because the one thing I know that I have full control of is how I think. My mission is to teach this concept to the world.

Where are all the places people can find you? (Insta, Facebook, Website, etc) this is the link to my all my social media handles.



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I'm LeeAnn a Pittsburgh-based personal brand photographer helping women create memorable brands that align with who they are  while attracting the right people. 

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