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Live Life on Purpose a writing guide to help women feel happier in life. LeeAnn K Photography Pittsburgh PA

Do you ever feel like you are carrying a heavy weight of guilt and shame around all day and every day? Does it get to the point where you feel like your just missing the mark on everything you set out to do, ultimately making you feel like a failure?

Today I am sharing with you a way to get yourself out of that funk and back into the game of life. You deserve to live a life where you feel fulfilled and content but how do you get there? Living a fulfilled life can seem like a dream or impossible because we make it too complicated, but I don't believe it has to be this way and I am going to share with you something that has helped me. So grab a pen & paper or print my PDF guide because we are divin in!

Before you start, remember honesty with yourself is key, openness is a must, and a willingness to take action are three critical elements in making this a success. You must do the work to reap the benefits.

Step 1 Write down what matters to you most in life? Think adjectives or daily practices that leave you feeling content. Notice how I am saying content. We won't always feel blissful happiness, but we can aim to feel content in life.

Example: A Clean House Financial Freedom Self-Love Growth

Step 2 Now using the list above write down what you currently do in your daily life that satisfies each item. If you don't have anything you do right now, that's ok leave it blank.

My example: A Clean House - clean a minimum of 20 minutes daily Financial Freedom - check my bank accts daily, track expenses, track investment payoff Self-Love Growth

Step 3 Take a moment to look at your list. Write down where you see holes? Are you filling your cup daily with activities that matter or are you neglecting your needs to fulfill the needs of others? Who are those people and how might you change the current situation to give yourself more time to address your needs?

My example: A Clean House - clean a minimum of 20 minutes daily, but the house never seems clean enough! Financial Freedom - check my bank accts daily, track expenses, track investment payoff- make a budget and stick to it Self-Love - I have stopped doing my daily routine because I feel the need to take care of everyone elses needs first and clean the house. By the time I have time, I have to go to work. Growth - reading, education, podcasts

Step 4 A little similar to step 3 but now I want you to brainstorm 3-5 activities that you can do to start incorporating those things into your daily life. These are not final and can be tweaked over time. This is just to get your brain generating new ideas!

My example: A Clean House - allocate more time for cleaning, ask for help, hire someone to come in once a month for a deep clean, make the bed every day Financial Freedom - create a budget, use cash only, study wealth, research ways to invest Self-Love - reestablish a morning routine, go on a date with me, meditate, yoga, journal Growth - read daily, join a meet-up group, volunteer, listen to a podcast

Step 5 Make yourself a promise to do one thing a day that fills your cup. Write it down and make a plan to do it! You can take it a step further and pick one item for each category that you can do over the next couple of weeks. An example would be I value growth, so I have made a promise to myself to listen to a podcast or read at least 15 minutes a day. Reading or listening to a podcast fits into my commitment to do my daily routine. My daily routine allows me to practice self-love, so I am knocking out two categories with one activity.

My journey to self-love and awareness started almost six years ago when my sister looked at me and said 'you aren't who you used to be.' For a moment I sat stunned and hurt because I knew it was true. The person I was at that moment sitting on her bed that night wasn't me. As I listened to her tell me how I had become an angry, bitter, judgmental shell of a person her words cut deep and I felt raw, exposed, and sad for the loss of myself.

I made a decision that I didn't like the person I had become and I was going to do everything in my power to change. My journey of self-awareness & healing has had its fair share of painful losses that have shaken me to my core. But, I remind myself that anything worthwhile doesn't come easily.

I put this writing guide together for you in the hopes that it will help you the way it helps me. It's never too late to start living with purpose and meaning. It's never to late to fill your cup. We continually neglect our own needs which eventually leaves us feeling worn out, unhappy, and feeling empty.

I challenge you to take this first step into reclaiming your life. Remember each day is a new day to start again. Some days you will do better than others, but the key is to keep pushing yourself and do the hard work. The struggle will be there, but the pay off is so worth it!

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