#1 Mistake Most Entrepreneurs Are Making with Instagram

#1 Mistake Entrepreneurs are making on Instagram by LeeAnn K Photography

We live in a day an age where everything we could possibly want is at our fingertips- literally. This makes starting the entrepreneurial journey much harder when in a sea of other products and people similar to you.

How do entrepreneurs, influencers, and new businesses stand out among the rest?

If you read business books or listen to podcasts, you will know that one of the key ways to stand out is through your brand.

If the key to having a thriving business is a clear brand, then everyone should have a thriving business right? - WRONG - most new entrepreneurs don't fully understand the depth of branding.

When we think of a brand, we often think of the basics- color, logo, font, & tagline. Most of us stop here because that used to be enough to attract new clients. Nowadays, though, that's not enough.

A fully developed brand is the persona of your business and things like color, font, and logo are just the starting points for this persona.

I like to think of my business as a real person. When developing a personal brand ask yourself questions like

'is she elegant, refined, and luxurious?' or 'is she down-to-earth, homey, and thrifty?'

Once you clarify the persona of your brand, you need to start thinking about how to represent your brand persona through visual and written content in a way that attracts a loyal audience full of potential clients.

When we first start out, we are so eager, to make a profit that we are easily discouraged when we don't see an immediate ROI from our audience. Remember your audience may not need what you are offering at the time but because you have taken the time to build a brand that connects with people beyond just a product or service they are more likely to think of your business when they need what you are offering.

Instagram is a platform meant to build a community of people that you can drive people back to your website or blog where the real magic happens.

Here are a few examples of brands that have successfully developed a personal brand. Check out their bomb ass Instagram accounts and think about what you notice which each of them.

Jen Gotch

Emma Natter Jenna Kutcher Gary Vee

Do you see any similarities with these brands? Each brand has created a community of loyal followers who love the persona of the brand. Creating a brand with a loyal audience is about creating visual and written content that connects with your ideal customer in an authentic way.

The number one problem entrepreneurs are making with their social media is they aren't giving people a good enough reason to care about their business. Posting images of the product alone does not communicate any value or story to a client.

Do you want to up your Instagram game 2019 start sharing more of you and your why in your business. Hire a professional photographer for a branding session and use the images to introduce yourself to your audience on Instagram.

It might not feel comfortable at first but the only way you can grow is by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Not to mention these photos will be an excellent way for you to update your 'about me' page on your website! Once you have your photos, sprinkle them into your Instagram grid. Jenna Kutcher, Instagram queen, recommends one photo of yourself in every nine photos.

Not interested in hiring a photographer? You can always take the photos yourself. You can order a tripod off Amazon and go to town. You can check out my free guide on how to take better photos with your iPhone. I have tried this technique myself but have decided that it's more work than it's worth, so I pay a photographer to do it for me!

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