3 Tips on How to Use Your Personal Brand Images to Build Your Personal Brand!

Building a personal brand can feel daunting and a bit intimidating for those who feel less than comfortable with being in the limelight of their business.

But we know now more than ever we know how vital it is to be seen by our clients.

I have put together 3 tips for you to use for posting and sharing your personal brand images on social media.

3 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand

#1. Stay REAL

A very common misconception is that when you begin building a personal brand is that in order to be liked or valued you have to show up how other people in your industry are showing up. This is further from the truth and it can have negative effects on your personal brand in the long run.

Showing up in a way that is not true to who you are is not only exhausting but people will eventually sniff out the truth. Developing a personal brand is about honing in on your uniqueness, understanding your values and sharing these with people in order to build a connection and trust.

You can think of your personal brand as your reputation. How do you want to show up in your life and business? What do you want people to say about you when you aren't around? These are two wonderful questions to help you begin to understand what your unique branding is.

Quote from the bloge post, as you develop your personal brand ask yourself, how do I want to show up in my life and business?

Another key thing to remember is that PERFECTION is a myth. Going along with this idea that many people believe they have to be and act a certain way when building their personal brand it's the same for showin up perfectly curated.

Yes, you want to curate your content but remember that people are over the "perfect" facade. Your audience wants to see and know the real you. It's good to find a balance between curation and the messy realness of daily life. Instagram stories are great for this because it gives your audience a behind the scenes look into your real-life which can be very unglamorous at times.

As you build your personal brand incorporating parts of your daily life is a great way to build connections with your audience. It doesn't matter what you share with your audience as long as it's honest and you feel comfortable sharing. The key here is finding something completely unique to you (like a secret love for all things polka-dotted) or something your ideal customer will relate to.

#2. Own IT

Building anything takes courage and a personal brand is no different. If you have decided that you are going to be the face of your business but you are nervous as hell you're gonna have to dig deep.

Don't let the illusion of perfection or impostor syndrome - the ruiner of dreams - stop you.

Remember - You may not be the exact person you want to be right this moment but no one ever is. We are all working toward a better version of ourselves - so own the shit out of it and show up as you are where you are. Find ways to share your challenges and the growth you've made as inspiration and help in your business.

If you are thinking to yourself, 'yeah but I have no confidence don't you need the confidence to do this sort of thing?'

Heck no - confidence isn't something some people have while others don't. If you want confidence you just need to start showing up, the more you do it the more confident you’ll become. You may have some mess-ups in the beginning but no one starts off without a few bumps, bruises and falls along the way.

Image of quote - every start is a little messy, love the process and enjoy the ride by LeeAnn Stromyer

#3. Give VALUE

Above all when developing a personal brand you must lead with value. This comes down to truly understanding your ideal customer's wants and needs. Clearly understanding your customer avatar means that you will be able to create content jam-packed with valuable information.

Every time you create content ask yourself this question;

How am I helping improve, inspire or motivate the people I am serving?

Every action you take for your business and brand needs to offer some sort of value. Which caption adds more value?

A. My favorite color is purple

B. Surrounding myself with things I love like the color purple makes me feel alive and inspired. What’s something you surround yourself with that makes you feel inspired and alive?

Definitely, B, while the second caption is still about my favorite color I have shared with my audience something personal, thought-provoking, and it brings it back to them and their life. The value is in having a subtle reminder to incorporate more things that makes us feel alive!

Action Steps

  • Stay Real - Take some time to ask yourself how you want to show up in life and your business. Use your insights to guide your actions as you continue to build your personal brand.

  • Own It - Write down three ways you can show up in your life/ business this week and do it. Perfection is a myth and confidence comes from action, the more you show up the more you will learn about yourself and your brand.

  • Give Value - Write down one thing you can do this week to give value to your audience and then do it!


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I'm LeeAnn a Pittsburgh-based personal brand photographer helping womxn and queer-owned businesses create memorable brands with unique captivating photography.