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Portrait of Natalie LaBarbera Styling, Pittsburgh Personal Brand Photography

Think back to the last time you shopped for new clothes or sifted through your already-oversized closet and found “the one” – you know, the fashion piece with the absolute silkiest texture that glides effortlessly onto your body, hugs you in the right places, lets you conquer the day comfortably, and illuminates you inside and out. A perfectly fitting piece like this can be life changing, and no one understands this more than Pittsburgh #bossbabe personal fashion stylist Natalie LaBarbera.

Natalie is the owner of Natalie LaBarbera Styling, a personal styling business that she launched in June of 2018. With years of personal styling experience through a major online company under her (fashionable) belt, Natalie made the choice to go at it on her own and offer clients in-depth and in-person experiences. She has styled thousands of clients with varying preferences and body types and encompasses a brand that’s fun, risk-taking, and inclusive.

“Through personal styling, I hope to help others feel confident in their clothes by investing in quality, well-fitted basics and experimenting with seasonal trends,” she says.

Natalie has joined a powerful pool of women entrepreneurs, but says the journey hasn’t come without challenges.

“It’s a ton of fun and I absolutely love seeing the look on someone’s face when they try on an outfit they wouldn’t normally put together and feel great in it,” Natalie says. “But it’s definitely been a tough process marketing myself and being patient while I grow my client list.”

If you’re a boss babe of the modern world, you might be familiar with the growing #collaborationovercompetition movement. The days of tearing down the competition are over. Instead, women are coming together to help one another build their brands up. An essential part of being a successful entrepreneur is having other souls to connect deeply with. We need community and connection to thrive, both as business owners and as human beings. Natalie encourages other entrepreneurs to find a great group of supportive friends they can rely on.

“It’s been incredibly helpful for me to connect with so many other wonderful women who own businesses and experience similar struggles so we can collaborate on new ideas and vent together,” she says.

You can find Natalie online on Instagram @natalielstyling, on Facebook at, and at

Personal Brand Photography, Stylist Natalie LaBarbera Butler St. Pittsburgh LeeAnn K Photography

Brand Photography Stylist Natalie LaBarbera Butler St. Pittsburgh LeeAnn K Photography

Personal Brand Portrait of Stylist Natalie LaBarbera Butler St. Pittsburgh LeeAnn K Photography