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Meredith of The Look | Pittsburgh Branding Photography & Styling

Have you ever thought to yourself I would love to...... but find yourself never taking the leap. WE have all been there too many times to count, but the good news is our dreams are always within reach we just have to be brave enough to step toward them and take hold.

Photo of Meredith Kearns a Pittsburgh based stylist and creative director. Photo taken by LeeAnn K Photography a Pittsburgh Photographer

Meredith, a stylist and creative director of The Look, launched her business in November 2018. She is a Pittsburgh based stylist, who helps clients find outfits that make them feel confident and comfortable in their clothing.

She is also a creative director, creating photo shoot ideas and helping concepts come to life. Her brand is all about being stylish, confident, and fun!

Meredith is just starting out in her business, and if anyone knows what it takes to step out and reach for their dreams, it's Meredith. Here's what Meredith has to share about her experience as a new business owner;

"Being the owner of my own business has been extremely exciting and fun! However, it can definitely be scary and have it's challenges as well. I am just starting out, so I don't know if I've encountered my greatest challenge yet, but I think a challenge that I (and maybe others) deal with every day is the self-doubt. In this age of social media, everyone shows their best self on Instagram, so it can definitely be hard, when you feel like you have to have the best life, outfits, etc. How I am overcoming this challenge is to believe in myself and surround myself with positive people who support my endeavors."

If you are thinking about taking the leap or maybe you already have and you need a little encouragement check out Meredith's advice for all boss babes & dudes;

"1. Believe in yourself + your dreams, but also work extremely hard to make those dreams a reality. Your dreams will not be handed to you, you will have to make sacrifices + work long hours, but if you truly believe in what you are doing, it will all be worth it!

2. Be kind to everyone you meet, growing connections is so important in a business, + you get to meet a lot of other boss babes + dudes who are working on making their dreams a reality too!"

You talk with Meredith and/or check out her outfit inspo on Instagram @thelookbymeredith or The Look by Meredith on Facebook.

Meredith Kearns Pittsburgh Based Stylist and owner of The Look

Meredith Kearns Pittsburgh Based Stylist and owner of The Look

Stylish shoes, clutch, and blue sweater put together by Meredith Kearns of The Look  Photography by LeeAnn K Photography