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Pittsburgh Family Photographer | My Go-To Pinterest Board for Family Sessions

My go-to Pinterest Board for my clients!

Pinterest is King for all things inspirational. It’s hard to believe that in college when it was becoming popular, I made fun of all the peeps pinning their hearts away. Truth is I was interested in Pinterest too, but I didn’t want to seem uncool….LMAO – literally laughing and scoffing at that old LeeAnn because I LOVE Pinterest and use it all the time! I direct all my clients to a Pinterest board specifically created to give them guidance on what-to-wear, how to pick a color palette, make-up ideas, ideas for hanging their portraits, and sooooooo much more. To be honest, my whole Pinterest is meant as a resource for my clients. It’s 80% what I think they would love and 20% what I like. I have decided to spotlight some of my favorite boards, and my number one go-to for all my clients. Get ready to spend some time in Pinning land because you are about to be inspired.

What-to-Wear Family Session Inspo

What-to-Wear Inspiration for Clients

Honestly I can't say this enough. So many of my clients struggle with decision fatigue for their family sessions. It can be hard trying to coordinate outfits for the entire family. Which is why I have dedicated an entire section to this very topic. There is inspiration for all your needs! Whether you love a more stylish look or something laid back you are bound to find something helpful.

How to Hang Family Portraits

How to hang family portraits.

I know how daunting an empty wall can feel. The pressure to get your photos hung in the most beautifully curated way is almost enough to make you avoid the task all together. Aside from my own experience from hanging exhibits in a gallery and hanging portraits in my own home I want my clients to feel like they have the knowledge to create their vision. I put this board together to help my clients get an idea for what they can do to hang their wall portraits in the most pleasing way!

DIY Inspiration

DIY Inspiration for holidays, crafts, and in home decor.