The Best Apps for Printing iPhone & Family Photos

The Best Apps for Printing iPhone Photos

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If you are like me, you have loads and loads of photos sitting on your iPhone waiting to be sorted through and maybe just maybe one day printed. Clients and friends often ask me where to get their photos printed, so I thought I would share the best apps for printing your iPhone photos.

As much as I love having a camera in my pocket at all times, I have found that I take more ehh photos than photos that I love, and what ends up happening? The photos I do love get buried never to see the light of day.

To avoid photo overload taking up storage on my phone, I now regularly delete photos, and I print the ones I love. Your photos deserve to printed so for goodness sake, start printing them!

#1 App for Printing iPhone Photos - Free Prints

Of all the apps I tested, Free Prints was the easiest and most straight forward when it comes to an easy to use straight forward printing app.

Every other app I tested was not straight forward with their pricing. They advertised lower price points only to charge for something else later, making the total cost more than I felt it was worth.

The only downside that I found with Free Prints is it takes a hot minute for your prints to ship. With that being said, I will take that over the hassle of hidden pricing or hauling my butt to Wal-Mart.

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Tips for Printing Photos with Free Prints

#1. Make sure the photos you pick have nice lighting.

The better the lighting, the better the photo will print. This is true for any photo you will ever take but especially important when trying to print photos from your iPhone.

#2. Stay small.

I would not recommend trying to print a photo larger than a 5x7. The photo will look cheap and pixelated, and that's a waste of money.

How Free Prints Work

Free Prints is exclusively and app you use from your phone. All 4x6 prints are free with a low shipping cost.

To order your prints, download the app, and select your favorite images to be printed. I would suggest creating a favorites album to cut down on time, finding the images you love.

Once you have selected your images, you will place your order waiting for it to arrive in 5-13 days.

#1. Online Printing for Professional Photos & Cards - Artifact Uprising

When it comes to professional quality photo printing, when I am not using my own printing lab, I always use Artifact Uprising. I have used other professional photo printing services, but Artifact Uprising's print quality is unmatched. Artifact Uprising is perfect for the professional family photos that you own the printing rights to.

Photograph of prints, printed using Artifact Uprising by LeeAnn K Photography

3 Reasons Why I Love Artifact Uprising

Not only can you get standard 4x6 prints, but you can also create photo books and wall art.

#1. You can get your photos printed on photo paper that doesn't curl as regular 4x6 prints do.

#2. The print quality is amazing, and your professional family photos will look as good printed as they do on your phone.

#3. You can create beautiful holiday cards that aren't super cheesy!

#4. They offer other amazing products like photo books, wall art, and they even offer gift suggestions.

#5. They have an app for your phone!


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