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The Muldoon Family & Monika's Story as a New Mom | Pittsburgh Family Photographer

The Muldoon's family session was at one of my favorite spots to photograph in the Pittsburgh area - Mellon Park's Walled Garden. It was a beautiful sunny fall day perfect for family photos.

Today I am sharing with you Monika's story as a new mom. When I finally met Monika in person she embraced me with the biggest hug and smile. Her heart is full of kindness and she is one of the most genuine people I have met. As you read her story you'll be able to feel what I am talking about. There is a rawness in her responses that you can't help but pay attention to.

The way she describes what she wants to remember in 20 years literally had me loling and when she talks about her biggest challenges I could feel her exhaustion. Being a mom is hard enough but being a new mom is even harder.

In sharing the stories of the woman in the family it is my hope that more moms feel empowered to share theirs. The way of the future is where women are heard and seen. If you know of someone who could use encouragement or needs some solace in knowing they aren't alone - share Monika's story with them.

Monika's Story as New Mom

Mother and daughter portrait at Mellon Park by Pittsburgh Family Photographer LeeAnn Stromyer

What's your favorite part about being a mom?

The love I have for my daughter is unconditional, patient, and ever-growing. It does not matter how exhausted I am, the moment I put her to bed, I cannot wait to see her smiling face in the morning.

I never knew I could love someone so much.

She brings me so much joy. It is the overwhelming feeling of happiness and love I feel when I even think about her, THAT is the best part of being a mom.

Mother and daughter portrait at Mellon Park by Pittsburgh Family Photographer LeeAnn Stromyer

20 Years from now what do you hope to remember?

20 years from now,  I will want to remember how she was my little shadow- crawling behind me as I go from room to room, playing with my makeup brushes as I get ready, reaching for my food,

trying to help me fold clothes even though she smiles and just throws them around her.

Fall baby portrait at mellon garden by LeeAnn Stromyer