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9 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Family Photoshoot At Home

By Lee Ann K Stromyer, Family photographer, Pittsburgh PA

In home family photo with a toddler in Pittsburgh Pa by LeeAnn K photography.
Family photos are so much fun! Specially when you take them in your own home.

Did you know that you can have your family photoshoot inside your own home? We photographers call them "in-home family sessions." I personally love them because they are so much fun, and here are my favorite reasons why I love having your family photoshoot at your own home.

10 Reasons for Having Your Family Photoshoot in Your Own Home

1. Your kids feel more comfortable therefore they are more likely to participate

Family photoshoot at home with child. Lee Ann K Photography Pittsburgh PA
When you have your family photoshoot at home the kids are more likely to feel comfortable because they know the space

Your home is where your kids feel most comfortable which makes it easier for them to actively participate and pose for photos.

2. You won’t be late for your session

Because you're already at home you don't have to rush out of the house. This is a huge perk if you have one or more small ones to get out of the house for the photoshoot!

2. Food, snacks, and favorite toys are on hand.

Twins photoshoot in own home Pittsburgh PA. LeeAnn K Photography
Everything is so much more convenient when the photoshoot is at home

Everything is more convenient when you don't have to lug around essentials like food, snacks, or favorite toys.

3. Clothing mishaps are a thing of the past.

Even if they do happen you are home where you can quickly change your little ones (or yourself!) into a fresh set of clothes.

4. Dad gets to do his own thing when he’s not in the photo

Dad and child in family photoshoot at home Pittsburgh PA
Double the fun - dad gets special time with little ones and also can do his thing when he's not in the photos.

Getting quality time with dad? Check. Getting dad to do his own thing while he's not in the pictures? Check. Everyone extra happy? Check.

5. No one has to worry about the weather

You can get extra cozy in the comfort of your own home, even if it starts pouring rain.

6. No commuting or travel time