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If you've heard the new phrase "personal brand" and your scratching your head wondering what in the world are they talking about you have come to the right place.

While personal branding may seem new, it's a concept that has been around for a long time. Think of any major political leader, actress, singer, or talk show host and you bet ya they have a personal brand.

But what the heck is a personal brand anyway?

A personal brand as defined by Wikipedia (because this terminology is relatively new) is the

"ongoing process of developing and maintaining a reputation and impression of an individual, group, or organization."

Basically, your personal brand is the reputation and characteristics of your business being shared with the world using a megaphone aka social media.

Businesses with a personal brand connect with consumers on a human level by sharing core values that relate to their personal and professional lives.

Your personal brand can be as expansive or as limited as you want it to be.

Why is personal branding important for businesses in 2020?

New products and services are popping up every day and with social media making access to these new businesses even easier understanding the importance of branding is key in building and sustaining a successful business.

A clear personal brand allows businesses to stand out and cut through the noise of their competitors. Personal branding connects businesses with their ideal clients in an authentic way. This connection establishes the know, like and trust factor with potential clients long before they ever need that business's product or service.

Establishing a relationship long before the client needs your business is important because people make decisions based on how they feel.

Logan Chierotti, a startup expert, wrote in an article for Inc. based on the book "How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market" saying,

"Humans are driven by feelings. So if you want the consumer to remember your product or brand, they must be engaged and impassioned by the interaction with your company." 

To take this idea a step further we can look at Simon Sinek's quote,

"People buy why you do, not what you do."

The more human we can become in our business the more we will connect with consumers on a human level.

How do I create a personal brand?

Creating a personal brand starts with first knowing your core values as a person and a business owner.

These core values will weave into the core messages of your personal branding. I mentioned earlier that a personal brand can be as expansive or limited as you wish.

So take some time to write out why you started your business, your core values as a business, your core values as a person and then ask yourself how you can start to incorporate these into your branding.

Example: Let's say I am a stay at home mom who started a business making eco-friendly candles. I am passionate about sustainability, hand-made items, and family. As a personal brand, I might share tips for sustainable cleaning products. In sharing sustainable cleaning tips I build trust with my audience because I am showing and serving them with content that is relevant to my business but does not require any spending.

Who are examples of people who have created legit AF personal brands?

Marie Forleo - Business coach, self-made millionaire, and so much more. Oprah has called her "the thought leader for the next generation."

Jenna Kutcher - Self-made millionaire who started as a photographer and is now slaying the online world.

Lindsey Roman - a Destination wedding photographer and educator rocking the industry with her quirky sense of humor and baby pictures.

Dwayne Johnson - professional wrestler turned actor, an all-around amazing human who has a loyal following because people LOVE his kindness and encouragement

Other people with personal brands we know and love.

Oprah Winfrey

Gary Vaynerchuk

Tina Fey

Kevin Hart

Melissa McCarthy


If you haven't thought about your personal brand and how it relates to your business, now is the time. Whether you choose to be the face of your business or you choose a character (like Flo from Progressive), the consumer market is changing, and personal brands are the way of the future.

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to building a personal brand, you can start here with my free guide called

Brand Clarity & Consistency

In this guide, you'll start hone in on how to create a personal brand. Once you've gained brand clarity, you'll create a plan to start showing up consistently because let's get real if you aren't showing up consistently how can you gain momentum?!


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