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Brand photography and strategy for women ready to bring their business to life.

Building a unique visual brand doesn't have to be difficult.

DO YOU....

  • desire more clients that don't question prices

  • cringe when you look at your website and avoid sending people there

  • rarely post on social if at all

  • find yourself wishing you could be as confident as others in your industry seem

  • waste time each week sourcing perfect stock images only to give up

  • want a brand that feels authentic yet refined, and  professional

  • suffer from feeling of imposter syndrome

  • tired of trying to DIY your brand photos

No more wasted time or self-doubt—just clarity, confidence, and images that authentically resonate with and attract your ideal clients.


After all your hard work building your business your photos shouldn't stop someone from doing business with you. 


Hi there, I'm LeeAnn, and I know first hand how unprofessional photos can impact your confidence as a business owner.


My first photoshoot fell short – the images were nice but failed to communicate my value or brand, and most weren't usable on my website.


Choosing DIY or a random photographer often backfires because brand photography is about more than a pretty photo. It's about the smallest details that say "this is me," feeling truly understood and having a plan for using those photos in your marketing.


A successful brand photoshoot starts with a clear understanding of your brand's essence – you can't just hire anyone.

Your business is unique. Your photos should be to.


In a one-to-one interview I’ll get to know you and your business. This interview, your brand questionnaire and competitive analysis research (that I do for you) shape the creative direction of your brand photography.


From location down to your nail color I plan EVERY detail for your brand photoshoot so you don’t have to. On the day of your photoshoot my team and I have everything prepared. All you have to do is show up ready to look and feel awesome! 


10-15 days after I deliver your brand photos we’ll hop on a strategy call to plan out how and where to use photos on your website and in your marketing. You also get 30 days email and voice note support in case any questions pop up. 

You’ll love your brand photos because they'll say to the world "this is me!"

And you’ll know how to use them to create consistency and maximize your marketing.  

Don't take it from me, read for yourself.

"I am substantially more confident stepping into the role of boss/CEO without losing any piece of my real personality, thanks solely to your photos.

- Taylor Fowler Writing & Public Relations

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Meet LeeAnn

I'm here to empower women and purpose-driven brands to capture their essence through compelling visuals.


A Pittsburgh-based brand photographer and mentor, my distinct, human-forward approach helps the person on the other side of the camera feel at ease so their true self can come forward.


With nearly a decade of experience and an unyielding dedication to photographing the people behind Pittsburgh's (and beyond’s) most inspirational and impact-driven brands, I've had the privilege of working with clients like Duolingo and ConvertKit, plus women- and queer-owned brands like Riverroad Sprinkle Co., Una Biologicals, and Gingerly Press.


Deep-diving alongside each brand I work with, I weave rich, personal moments into powerful professional experiences that capture a brand story and helping women embrace their next level of business.

In every business lies an origin story. What drives me is a strong desire to witness more women unapologetically embracing their dreams, just as this business was once only a dream.

Ready to elevate your brand? Let’s transform it together!


Ready for the next step? 

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