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Insider Tips How to Plan a Successful Brand Photoshoot 📸


Remember: Lack of clarity creates lack of direction. Your visuals shape, communicate and support your brand. “Pretty” photos without strategy do nothing for the longterm goals of your business.


Ask yourself where do I want my business to be in the next 12-24 months?


What sort of visual assets will I need to support this vision?


What do I love about my current aesthetic and what would I change right now?


Investing in your brand is one of the BEST investments you can make for your business but only when you’re ready to do it right. Every business is different and no one can tell you what is right for your business. Get honest with where your priorities are and pay people their rates 👏🏻

Research + Collect Inspo 💻

It’s time to do some research. Choose 3-5 brands you love (in and out of your industry) and study why you love them.


ASK: What’s working here, what might I like to aspire to in my own brand? What do their visuals communicate?


Take this insight and begin collecting images for inspiration. My favorite place is Pinterest but you can do this however you want.


A successful brand photoshoot includes more than just the photographer.


Here are some people to consider hiring:


💄 Hair and Makeup Artist

👗 Clothing Stylist

📹 Videographer

🪞Day of Creative Director/ Stylist


Location can make or break your final images. There are key considerations you should keep in mind when deciding on a location ⤵️

  • Is there plenty of natural light?

  • Is there access to a restroom?

  • Do I need temperature control?

  • Does the location require a permit or permission?

  • Are their props or furniture there that can be used?

  • Is the location a private or public place?

  • Do the colors of the location match or compliment my brand colors?



Collect relevant on brand objects that compliment your brand. Some of my go to favorites of mine are books, magazines, home decor items, throw pillows, plants, rugs, etc.

PRO TIP: Pick a location that already has a lot of things in it that you can use. This will ease the burden of buying/ sourcing objects making preparation that much easier.


Plan your outfits for where you want to be/ not where you are. Your clothing should reflect and align with the type of client you’re attracting. Whether you’re down-to-earth, edgy or luxury make sure you select outfits that say what you want them to say.


PRO TIP: Hire a professional stylist to source your outfits for your photoshoot. Your brand should be an extension of who you are not just a one time stint.


Don’t get distracted by what others are doing or that really cool picture you found on Pinterest.


Less is more -- think high impact images where and how will you use this image.


Website images have a longer shelf life than an Instagram post so don’t waste a lot of time for a “cool” insta photo if it’s not serving the bigger picture of your business.

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