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The beauty of personal brand photography is that every shoot is carefully curated to help my clients tell the story of their business. In a lot of ways, it’s an art, finding the best way to showcase what makes their brand unique! 


Christina, a physic medium, needed a complete rebrand to bring her various businesses under one branded roof - which made planning her shoot extra freakin 'exciting. 


Christina’s rebrand shoot was an eight-hour day full of laughter, outfit changes, and some pizza because we needed sustenance! 

Preparation for her full-day brand shoot!


Since Christina’s shoot was a full eight-hour day with 9 creative concepts we planned to photograph we had a lot to prepare. 


After some discussion, we decided to do the entire shoot in a studio since her shoot was scheduled at the end of January.  Props bring a brand to life which meant we had a boatload of props to work with for Christina’s shoot. 


In addition to the typical props like a laptop, notebooks, and coffee mugs - Christina brought hundreds of crystals, orbs, singing bowls, oracle cards, plants, and I brought in an antique round marble table. 


Moon Eir’s Brand Shoot Creative Direction 


We knew going into Christina’s rebrand that we were going to need to have a wide variety of images to capture the full scope of the services she offers. 


When clients reach out there’s always a concern they won’t be able to capture the fullness of their brand because they’re so used to traditional portrait sessions where you’re limited to one location with maybe one or two outfit changes. 


That is NOT the case when it comes to personal brand shoots. Personal brand photography truly is a “branding” experience where we collaborate to design a photoshoot that encompasses a business’s brand.  

Themes We Decided to Bring to Life for Her Brand Shoot and Final Gallery

In Christina’s case for Moon Eir, we decided to photograph 9 different themes for her brand. 


Lifestyle Flatlays 

Lifestyle Crystal Shots with Hands 

Working Lifestyle Portraits

Healing Working Portraits

Spiritual Portraits