Are Instagram Reels Worth the Effort?

Why Reels Were A Sigh of Relief for My Content Strategy

Alright, I get it social media sucks and with Instagram changing shit up on us yet again it can feel so freaking overwhelming.

But I gotta tell you, as much as you hate social media you’ve got to find a way to make it work for you because whether we like it or not it’s here to stay.

And I genuinely believe that we can use it in a way that feels authentic - but I’ll save that for another blog because today I want to share with you why reels have turned out to be a sigh of relief for my business and how you can use them to build brand awareness, authority, and trust.

When the head dude of Instagram shared that Instagram was no longer going to be a “photo” sharing app there was a brief moment of panic that sorta went something like this ‘but wtf - I’m a photographer?!’

Once my mind settled and started to process the different ways I could leverage reels to supplement my photo content my mind exploded with ideas and excitement.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret....

For the entirety of my business I have been hoarding photos in fear that I may not have enough to post on a regular basis and I’m a PHOTOGRAPHER!!

This fear has caused a lot of inconsistency and weeks of not posting which if you think about it is exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

But I digress - it turns out Reels have been a really fun creative way for me to create new content that’s not focused on that one perfect image.

I get to show more of my personality and create a whole mood that wasn’t possible before.

And that’s freaking awesome!

So today I want to share with you different ways you can use reels in your business to increase your organic reach and grow your brand - all while staying true to yourself!

Content Ideas for Reels You Can Authentically in Your Business


Use a tripod or have a friend/ partner get you working with clients or creating your product.

You can create countless reels using this method because you likely have lots or products you create or you work with all different types of people!


Whether you are a service based business or a product based business your customers need your expertise getting the most from what you offer.

A quick 15 second video educating your customers is an easy way to add value at no cost to you!


Show your customers what it’s like when the product or service is complete.

Just as much as behind the scenes matter, so does the experience of completion. So what does that look and feel like for your customers?


These are probably what you see the most of and that’s probably why you hate the idea of reels but the truth is there’s a flavor for everyone you just have to find yours.

For me I lean into my white girl dance moves and voice overs because I don’t feel I’m all that funny and trying to make a funny reel doesn’t feel authentic to me.


Sorta like tips and how to reels, question reels can be about anything that helps your people get to know you better either personally or business wise!

OK - now that we’ve covered content ideas for reels let’s dive into why and how you can use them in your social media strategy.

Let's take a look at my results and you can decide for yourself.

Last month I decided that I’d post 2-3 reels a week with the goal being 3. It was a zero pressure situation because I’ve decided to look at social media as a fun experiment!