Branding made easy.

Batch create perfectly branded photos so you can spend less time worrying about what to post on social media.

Even the best businesses need help with their social media content and online marketing.

DIYing your photos isn't going to sustain your business long-term. 

These selfies are costing you time and money.

Let's say it takes you an average of 30 minutes a day to create a final image (and that's being nice)


And you post on average 20 times per month. 

You are spending 10 hours per month


120 hours per year to create images for your business!


That's a 2-week vacation or 120 hours you could spend doing what you love in your business!!! 

Money can be made, time can't.

Why personal brand photography is a game-changer for your business.

  • branded images build the like, know, & trust factor with your audience

  • personal brand shoots are designed to fit your brand aesthetic & tell your story 

  • personal branding tells the world your legit AF & increases overall engagement on social media 

Hiya, I'm LeeAnn!

If you own a business and 


  • you're ready to take your brand to the next level

  • you're ready to stop hiding behind your product or service 

  • you want to be taken seriously


then you've come to the right place!

Personal brand sessions start at $750 and are designed to meet you where you are at in your business. 

How it Works

Send me a quick email with your business, how many images you think you might need & who you look up to in your industry.

After we initially chat we'll decide if I'm a good fit for your needs. If so we'll book your planning consultation where we will plan out every detail of the shoot together. 

Step 3

The Shoot

Take the night before to self-love so you come to the shoot feeling empowered and ready to take on the day! Psst and don't forget your playlist!

Let's get you booked!

Click on the button below, fill out the form and I'll be in touch. 

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