Packaging so irresistible you’ll need an unboxing video. 

Quick question—have you ever bought something off the shelf just because of the stunning packaging?


As soon as you saw it, you knew it was going to be an experience and you just had to have it?

Me too.

Welcome to the “why” behind impeccable brand photography—backed by intention, brought to life with strategy.


And this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: You are so much more than just pretty packaging, but clients like yours are visual AF when it comes to the know, like, and trust factor. You picking up what I’m putting down? 

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Why is personal brand photography important?


Because you’re reading this right now, I have a feeling you’re pretty clear on the importance of solid brand photography, but a good old fashioned reminder never hurts:

Brand photography matters when people look at your website wanting to know if you can be trusted with their hard-earned time and money.


The big question: Are you ready for the transformation? 


Your dream boat clients need to know you first—and I mean really, really know you.


These photos capture the personality of your business and the story behind it. 

In a nutshell, brand photography differentiates your business and helps you cut through the noise—fast.

What's that worth to you?


It felt like I hired a partner for my business as opposed to someone just taking photographs.

Cait, Owner of Fore Folk

The Brand Photography Process
Here’s a peek at what’s ahead:

A discovery call is the first step.


During your call, we'll discuss:

  • photo needs

  • your hopes for the shoot

  • what package is best for you

  • ideas for your brand

  • project timeline

  • next steps

You’re in? Let’s do this thing.


Here is where the real magic happens. Between your brand deep dive and my research, we'll figure out together the best way to bring your brand's personality to life through captivating, story-driven photos that make your dream clients swoon and set you apart from industry competitors.

Let the brand magic begin!

With your project brand creative (a fancy way of saying brand mood board), shoot checklist, wardrobe recs, and shoot timeline you'll know exactly what to expect on the day of your shoot.

Your shoot will be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of fun music, lots of laughs, snacks and a whole lotta transformation as you embrace your inner CEO (whatever that looks like for you.)



Una Biologicals

Working with LeeAnn was a dream! She is completely professional and organized, thinking through all the details to ensure you have a wonderful shoot.  LeeAnn took the time to truly understand what I was looking for and what I really needed from these photos for my business. 



Taylor Fowler 

Writings & Communications

She's the perfect balance of professional and casual - she's extremely good at her work and delivers high quality and professional photos, yet her personality is naturally fun, authentic and laid back, making your session comfortable and encouraging your confidence in front of the camera.

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Life Coach

I can't sing LeeAnn's praises enough. So I was really nervous about having my first branding photography. I needn't have worried because LeeAnn walked me gently through each step of the way- from finding a stylist, to props, to cosmetologist, to flowers- she is well organized and fully networked with everything that you need for your day.

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