Photos that show the

heart of your business.

Get photos that show your you, so you can spend less time taking selfies & more time building relationships.

You need authentic photos that connect with your audience and converts, but you can't find the right photographer that gets what you need. 


So you take the photos yourself. 

These selfies are costing you time and money.

Let's say it takes you an average of 30 minutes a day to create a final image.


And you post on average 20 times per month. 

You are spending 10 hours per month/ 120 hours per year to create images for your business. 


That's a 2-week vacation or 120 hours you could spend doing what you love in your business. 

Money can be made, time can't.

What Personal Brand Photography Can Do for You

  • give you back time to do what you love in your business

  • provide you with authentic images that connect with your audience & converts

  • the freedom to use your images how you need 

Hiya, I'm LeeAnn

If you're an entrepreneur or influencer who is


  • passionate, kind, & honest 

  • someone who uses influence for good

  • and is tearing down social norms


then I'd love to be your personal brand photographer.


We will work together to create a customized plan for your

session that fits your brand & gives you months worth of



During your session, I will bring our true emotion, capture unscripted moments, & help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. 

I 'll fly out (or drive) to take photos for you up to 4 times per year giving you 3 months' worth of content each time.

Prices start at 1,000 per session, you can see more details in my pricing guide

How it Works

You'll contact me by clicking the button below & fill out the form.  I will respond, answer any questions & we will set up a time to meet.

We'll connect via video chat to discuss details & to see if we'd be a good fit.

If we're a good fit, we'll set a date for your shoot, sign the paperwork to make it official!

Click on the button below, fill out the form & I will be in contact with you soon!

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