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Personal Brand Photography Strip District & Studio


Branding photo in front of  a mural in the Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA.
Personal Brand Photography - Strip District Pittsburgh, PA

Every client I work with overflows my cup of fulfillment because every client is so different - even when they might be in the same industry. For Alyssa's personal brand session, we met up at The Abbey (shot out to one of my favorite meeting spots) to discuss the vision for her session. #personalbrandphotography

Alyssa is in finance but also teaches yoga and loves fashion. She wanted to fuse each part of her life into her session, and we did just that. One of my favorite places to shoot at is the Strip District. The Strip District can meet a variety of branding needs; urban setting, coffee shops, great restaurants, candy and ice cream shops, murals, a city backdrop. You name it chances are the Strip District will have something comparable which can save time and energy when you need variety in your images.

For Alyssa's personal brand session, we started in the Strip District and ended in the studio. The goal was to get color, ivy and some cool sidewalk shots that all show off her fun personality and fashion sense. For our time in the studio, we focused on showcasing her love for yoga & a couple more fashion pieces.