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Interview with KC Owner of UrbanFitCo. | Pittsburgh, PA

"I want to thoughtfully engage in conversations surrounding body image, self-love, and female empowerment" - KC

As a personal brand photographer in Pittsburgh I get the chance to work with some pretty amazing people. KC, owner of UrbanFitCo., offers women of all shapes and sizes a place to shop for their fit wear needs.

During her personal brand session we focused on representing women of all ages and sizes. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and confident no matter where they are in their journey.

Read on and see how KC is using her life experience and her passion for helping others to fuel a bigger dream!

Interview with UrbanFitCo Owner, KC

When did you start your business, UrbanFitCo, why did you start your business, and what is the mission behind your business?

I started UrbanFitCo in 2015, shortly after graduating from college. I was interviewing for a lot of positions, and I did receive offers for different positions; however, nothing really felt fulfilling or “lit that fire”. Some people would say I was being picky or had that “millennial entitlement,” but I really wanted a job that I loved, that was fulfilling.

During this time, I was heavy into working out and always wearing active wear. What else is there to do when you’re looking for a job? Haha. However, I wanted more fashion-forward pieces. Something that didn’t scream, “That girl just worked out!”

In the early stages of UrbanFitCo., when we were developing branding/marketing, people would ask me who my target audience or market is? I didn’t want to define the business by that one buyer persona. I thought back to my younger self (the one that experienced bullying and wanted to look a certain way) and thought it would be unfair to leave her behind. I knew I wanted UrbanFitCo. to be a place where all women could have a positive experience.

I realize that there are differences among women, in body type and style. And I know that firsthand. My sister has been a 0 her whole life, whereas my weight has fluctuated most of my life. (In my adult life, I’ve been anywhere from a 4 to a 12, and I am not ashamed to own that.)

I wanted to create an organization where there was no judgment or set a standard, and every woman could feel good about herself. I feel that it’s extremely important to empower women and breakdown all of the B.S. that society has continually fed us.

For me, UrbanFitCo. is more about creating an experience and lifestyle. I want all women to feel empowered and confident right at this very moment, no matter where they are on their journey. To many, shopping can feel like a chore. At UrbanFitCo. we want you to shop to celebrate you.

Urbanfitco. is an organization where there is no set standard in regards to body type. We are women on-the-go with different shapes and style, and our clothing reflects that. We want women to feel empowered and love themselves.

It’s not a matter of shape or size; we believe all women should feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in what they wear and who they are. Through our unique styles and high-quality brands, we strive to turn this belief into a reality.

A tomboy at heart and a self-proclaimed “guy’s girl”, fitness/athletics were always a part of my life. Growing up, I was always running around the neighborhood with the boys until the sun went down—playing sports, riding bikes, doing really anything. I played soccer (although that was short-lived because I decided I didn’t like allllll the running), basketball, and even dabbled in intramural softball during college. I also went through a phase in middle school where I wanted to play football; unfortunately, my parents’ response was along the lines of “absolutely not!”

KC of UrbanFitCo, LeeAnn K Photography